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Precision motion. No bulky controller. 

Get smaller products to market faster with M3 motion modules inside.

M3 miniature motion modules with built-in controllers are incredibly small, and incredibly easy to integrate into your new systems. Just add 3.3V and high-level motion commands from your system processor, and you're moving lenses, optical elements, samples or other components with high precision. It's that simple!

Delivering precision motion in tiny packages, M3 smart modules help designers condense all the power of today's laboratory-sized instruments into new handheld, mobile and portable devices.  We enable you to create smaller, more powerful instruments for medical, commercial and industrial applications.

M3 modules for linear motion, rotary motion and focus

M3-RS rotary stage systemsM3-RS rotary smart stages offer the smallest size and easiest operation, with high resolution and accuracy, for applications such as beam steering. They have no gear-reduction mechanism, no jitter, and generate no magnetic fields. The controller is embedded in the compact rotary micro stage.  Read more >>

All-in-one USB micro stage: M3-LS linear smart stageM3-LS linear smart stage is a tiny all-in-one USB micro stage. It is ideal for motion in hand-held, mobile and portable instruments. The micro stage is only 29 x 20 x 10 mm including embedded controller.  It offers > 6mm travel and 0.5 μm resolution with absolute encoding. Read more >>

M3-FS focus module M3-FS and M3-F focus modules add precision focus to compact board cameras. They provide 0.5 μm position resolution and high dynamic stability. The 20 x 23 x 16 mm package including embedded controller easily replaces a fixed lens holder on a board camera PCB. Read more >>

M3-L linear smart actuators provide linear motion with high precision and repeatability. Typical parameters include > 6 mm travel, 0.5 μm position resolution and up to 20 grams force load. The 27.5 x 13 x 7.5 mm package includes an embedded controller. Read more >>


All-in-one motion modules: smallest size, easiest to use

When evaluating a miniature motor, micro stage or focus system, be sure to ask whether an external controller is needed to make everything work. These external controllers -- typically several times larger than the motor or micro stage itself -- add substantial size, cost, and complexity to your project. In contrast, an M3 smart module has everything you need integrated right into the module. It is the smallest, easiest-to-integrate motion solution and ensures your fastest time to market. 

World-class partners and award-winning technology

We design and manufacture products in the USA, and work with license and manufacturing partners around the world including ams, ALPS, Tamron and TDK-EPC.

 ACE Awards 2015 finalist  ECN Impact Awards 2015
Design News 2011 Golden Moustrap Awards: Best New Products Best Electronic Design 2010 Elektronik Product des Jahres 2008: 2nd Place in Automation
Design News 2007 Golden Moustrap Award Winner 2007 EE Times ACE Awards: Ultimate Product of the Year Best of Small Tech Awards Runner-up

Our award-winning technology includes M3 smart modules, piezoelectric SQUIGGLE® motors, UTAF™ ultra-thin actuators, position sensors and piezo motor drivers.