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NSE-5310 miniature position sensor technology

With integrated on-chip encoder for smallest size and highest resolution

New Scale's M3 micro mechatronics module platform incorporates the NSE-5310 position sensor, developed in partnership with ams. Its small size makes it perfect partner for the SQUIGGLE micro motor in creating tiny, integrated closed-loop motion systems.

The NSE-5310 is a magnetic sensor array with integrated on-chip digital encoder, which transforms a magnetic sine wave into a direct digital position output. With 0.5 micron resolution and size as small as 3.9 x 2.5 mm, it is a robust, cost-effective alternative to miniature optical encoders for non-contact position sensing.

On-chip encoding provides direct digital output using standard I2C protocol, eliminating the need for external pulse counters. Efficient control system communications allows up to two position sensors on a single I2C bus.

The highest-resolution magnetic encoder available, the NSE-5310 position sensor is insensitive to light, shock, vibration, and high-particulate environments. It features low sensitivity to external magnetic fields and can be used as a linear encoder or off-axis rotary encoder.

NSE-5310 mini position sensor benefits

Sensor operation

The NSE-5310 position sensor integrates a sensor array and encoder on an SOIC. A linear array of eight Hall effect sensors on the chip measures the spatially varying magnetic field produced by moving a multi-pole magnetic strip above the sensor.

The magnetic field generates internal sinusoidal and phase-shifted sinusoidal signals. These signals are filtered and transformed into angular and magnitude values, representing the absolute linear position of a 2 mm long magnetic encoder strip pole pair. The position information is read via an I2C interface.

Automatic gain control (AGC) adjusts for DC bias in the magnetic field and provides a large dynamic input range of the magnetic field for higher immunity to external magnetic fields. It also provides an absolute magnitude of the magnetic field intensity, which can be used to detect the end of the magnetic strip and thereby serve as a built-in zero reference.

Download NSE-5310 data sheet with drawings and I2C details (1.6Mb PDF)

NSE-5310 Specifications
Supply Voltage 3 - 3.6 V
Supply Current 21 mA max
Resolution 0.5 μm @ 12 bits per 2 mm pole pair
Repeatability better than 2 μm (bi-directional)
Integral error* ± 20 μm
Differential error* ±0.97 μm (10 bit, no missing codes)
Hysteresis 2-8 LSB with incremental output/ 12 bit res. 0 for absolute serial output
I2C read-out frequency 400 kHz (typ) to 800 kHz (max)
Stroke (linear) magnetic strip length minus 3 mm
Operating Temperature -40 to +125° C
Storage Temperature -55 to +125° C
Humidity non-condensing 5 to 85%
Dimensions - NSE-5310 2.5 x 3.9 x 0.6 mm (chip-on-board) 4.3 x 6.5 x 1.1 mm in TSSOP
Dimensions - TRK-1T02 mounted on PCB 8.5 x 11.5 x 1.61 mm (Total height ~3 mm with magnet and air gap)
Thermal pkg resistance 114.5°C/W (still air) absolute max

* error includes magnet error; tested over 8 mm measurement range


Ordering Information

The NSE-5310 is integrated into New Scale's M3 micro mechatronics modules and custom motion systems. The sensor and developer's kits are also available directly from ams, our development partner for the NSE-5310.