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USB microstage developer's kit aids development of handheld, portable and mobile instruments

World's only all-in-one micropositioning stage has embedded drive electronics for smallest size and unmatched ease of use in OEM systems

Victor, NY — October 20, 2014 — New Scale Technologies today announced that developer's kits for its tiny M3-LS Linear Smart Stage are available on DigiKey and Mouser.

The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage is a direct-drive, high-precision micro stage built for fast, simple integration into miniature OEM systems. Closed-loop positioning is achieved with an integrated absolute encoder with 0.5 µm resolution. This stage does not require homing or zeroing at first power-up. All drive and control electronics are inside the 29 x 20 x 10 mm microstage and can be commanded directly by the OEM's system processor over a standard serial interface. The result is the smallest overall footprint and easiest system integration of any microstage.

"All other microstages on the market require an external controller that is many times larger than the stage," said David Henderson, CTO of New Scale Technologies. "They are unsuitable for use in today's handheld, portable and mobile (HPM) systems. As the only micropositioning stage with embedded drive electronics, the M3-LS is powering a new generation of HPM instruments that require precision motorized optical adjustments."

The M3-LS Linear Smart Stage operates on 3.3 Volts and uses less than one Watt power when moving and zero when stopped. This is ideal for battery powered instruments. Precise and low-friction ball bearings enable operation in at any orientation while resisting shocks, vibration and temperature extremes.


M3-LS Smart Stage Specifications


Price and ordering information

The developer’s kit model DK-M3-LS-1.8-6 is priced from $ 1,675 at Mouser and DigiKey. The developer’s kit includes:

For more information about the M3-LS Linear Smart Stage visit or view the developer’s kit overview video at

About New Scale Technologies

New Scale Technologies develops small, precise and smart motion systems for critical adjustments of optics in imaging devices and many other micro positioning applications. Our simple and elegant solutions deliver best-in-class performance in handheld, portable and mobile instruments for medical, scientific and industrial applications. We design and manufacture custom products and license our technology to manufacturers worldwide. Our customers benefit from complete, “all-in-one” motion solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements and easily integrated into their next-generation instruments.

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