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M3 Smart Module Design Platform

Tiny closed-loop motion systems with built-in controllers

With our M3 (micro-mechatronic) smart module design platform, we can quickly develop closed-loop microstages and other motion modules for your OEM application. Building on our miniature piezoelectric motor and position sensor technology, this design platform yields complete closed-loop motion modules with high precision and tiny footprint.

These “all in-one” smart modules require no separate electron­ics and are ready to plug-and-play directly with your system processor and power supply. You achieve the fastest time to market with the lowest total cost. 

No external control board!

No external control board is necessary. You supply simple serial commands to drive an on-board PID controller using a standard I2C or SPI interface. Modules have low power consumption and 3.3V input voltage for battery-powered operation.


Linear and rotary motion modules

All-in-one USB micro stage: M3-LS linear smart stageM3-LS linear smart stage is a tiny all-in-one USB micro stage. It is ideal for motion in hand-held, mobile and portable instruments. The stage is 29 x 20 x 10 mm including controller. It offers > 6mm travel and 0.5 μm resolution with absolute encoding. Get M3-LS details and specifications

M3-RS rotary stage systemsM3-RS rotary smart stages offer the smallest size and easiest operation. The microstages have with high resolution and accuracy, for applications such as beam steering. They have no gear-reduction mechanism, no jitter, and generate no magnetic fields. The controller is embedded in the compact package.  Read more >>

M3-FS focus moduleM3-FS and M3-F focus modules add precision focus to compact board cameras. They provide 0.5 μm position resolution and high dynamic stability. The module is 20 x 23 x 16 mm including controller. It easily replaces a fixed lens holder on a board camera PCB. Get M3-FS and M3-F details and specifications

M3-L linear actuators provide linear motion with high precision and repeatability. Typical parameters include > 6 mm travel, 0.5 μm position resolution and up to 20 grams force load. The actuator is 27.5 x 13 x 7.5 mm including controller. Get M3-L details and specifications



Simple integration

M3 smart modules are extremely simple for OEM designers to integrate into their products. Electrical integration is as easy as sending serial commands to the module. Mechanical integration is customized to the application: possibilities include integrating a lens within the module, pushing a lever external to the module, or nearly any application.

Each custom module is a drop-in drive system for your miniature product. These micro-mechatronic modules are smaller, more powerful, more precise - and now even easier to integrate - than traditional electromagnetic motor systems.

M3 smart modules are ideal for high-resolution positioning in miniature optical instrumentation, lasers and photonics systems, aerospace controls and biomedical systems.

M3 smart module components

Smart modules and microstages built on the M3 (micro-mechatronics) platform consist of: 

 M3 all-in-one motion module components

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