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M3-L custom linear module specifications worksheet

Exploded view of M3-L module

The M3 Design Platform allows us to quickly develop custom micro-mechatronic modules to your specifications. Simply supply commands via a serial interface to get precision, closed-loop motion.

Custom M3-L linear motion modules built on the M3 Platform consist of a printed circuit board mounted with the following components:

  • SQL-RV-1.8 Reduced Voltage SQUIGGLE Motor
  • NSD-2101 Motor Driver ASIC
  • NSE-5310 position sensor
  • Side Entry Flex Circuit
  • Microprocessor

Customizable features include:

  • Mechanical integration component
  • Travel distance
  • Microprocessor communication protocol
  • Flex length and configuration
  • Operating environment

Cost and delivery will depend on the customization. We can generally provide Proof of Concept prototypes within 8 to 10 weeks after acceptance of the proposal and receipt of your order. Please fill out this form as completely as possible and we will provide a proposal.

Feel free to email supporting drawings and documents as indicated.

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Application and Use

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Control Requirements

Interface Bus

M3-L dimensions diagram

Module size

Linear Travel Range

Mounting and Mechanical Integration

Load Requirements


Position Resolution (Closed-Loop)

+/- μm

Shock Loading

Specify g-force:


Operating temperature:

Storage temperature:

Usage and Timing