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M3-F custom focus module specifications worksheet

M3-F module exploded view

Figure 1: M3-F module exploded view

The M3 Design Platform allows us to quickly develop custom micro-mechatronic modules that integrate easily into OEM systems. Simply supply commands via a serial interface to get precision, closed-loop motion.

Custom M3-F focus modules accommodate your specifications for board mounting interface, lens travel (macro to infinity), lens thread, motion control interface and more.

Cost and delivery will depend on the customization. We can generally provide Proof of Concept prototypes within 8 to 10 weeks after acceptance of the proposal and receipt of your order. Please fill out this form as completely as possible and we will provide a proposal.

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Target Specifications for Proof of Concept Prototypes

M3-F module configuration diagram

Figure 2: Module configuration

Module configuration

Figure 2 shows the M3-F module configuration. The motor, position sensor, drive ASIC and microprocessor and lens holder are integrated into a compact module housing.

Figure 3: Typical PCB mounting footprint

Module Mounting

Optional: Email us your sketch or drawing. (PDF or JPEG preferred)


Lens Mount

Lens Total Travel Range


Position Resolution (Closed-Loop)

Optional: Additional Target Specifications for Engineering Samples

Once you have approved your proof of concept prototypes, we can deliver engineering samples tested for these additional specifications.

Alignment of lens to the bottom surface of the mount base (degrees). °
Alignment over full travel relative to base of the module (degrees). °
Alignment of lens to the center of the mounting base (mm). mm
Full cycles forward and reverse. Specify: