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Research Automation 

Accelerate discovery with smart micro motion systems for high throughput

We collaborate with leading research organizations to develop instruments that accelerate discovery. With our precise and compact instruments they can take more measurements in smaller spaces, collect more data faster, and do more experiments in less time. Examples include:

The Allen Institute for Brain Science - Multi-probe manipulator for extracellular electrophysiology 

We worked with Dr. Josh Sielgle to develop a multi-probe micromanipulator optimized for insertion of silicon probes for electrophysiology and optogenetics. Based on M3-LS Linear Smart Stages, MPM System allows for independent positioning of five or more probe arms in the smallest space, with ample clear area for a virtual task environment. Probe arms are easily mounted on a ring in either upright or inverted configuration on a standard laboratory table. A single USB connects up to five arms to a PC. Learn more

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Fiber positioner for ground-based astronomical telescope

We developed a custom rotary SQUIGGLE motor and drive system with high stepping resolution and twice the torque of similar-sized DC micro motors. With no gear reduction mechanism, it has no backlash and delivers high peak torque at sustained speeds as well as high holding torque. It is scalable to less than 2 mm diameter. The rotary micro motors are part of the "Cobra" fiber positioner to be commissioned on the Subaru Telescope on Mauna Kea, Hawaii. Learn more

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